The makers

Artisans, designers, producers, every time we are inpressed by those we meet.. People with a passion. Passion for their product and for their profession. Over the years we looked for small-scale family businesses, often with a history. Their knowledge about the craft and the production process are valuable. We opt for small, exclusive collections made in an authentic way. Each design is durable, unique and timeless, always combined with today's trends. Combining past and present  is important to us. The design, the hands of the creators but above all the use of each item throughout the years make them unique, personal and valuable. Creativity and and the eye of the maker lead to the most beautiful creations for lifetime joy.


wool mill of the senhor João


The mountains, a valley, scattered villages and a meandering mountain river Rio Zezere. For hundreds of years this is the habitat of many flocks of sheep and their shepherds. Therefor,  the woolweaveries play a meaningful role in society. Sheep shearers, spinning and weaving, the family of senhor João knows it all. They know their trade. Meanwhile, the 4th generation of the family is actively involved. Together with them we designed a beautiful collection and composed. Beautiful products woven on looms dating back to the beginning of the last century. The result, timeless products that provide cozy comfort and lifetime joy.


leather workshop of the brothers Violante


Pure manual labor, which is the work of the brothers Violante. With three sewing machines, an immensely large worktable, sturdy scissors and a chest of drawers filled with fasteners, thread and buckles they run their workshop. The merging of creativity, art and craft has led to a pretty exclusive collection for Atelier Vale Flores.  Tough leather which has been used for some time will have its own, unique character. Each design is made for years of use, of course.


wool mill in Parque Natural das Serras de Aire e Candeeiros

In the vast Parque Natural das Serras de Aire e Candeeiros live many sheep herds. A natural area just an hour north of Lissabon. It is here where sveral ladies run a weaving mill which is known for its beautiful designs and color. Along with this team we have compiled a small exclusive collection. Soft and comfortable blankets in natural shades for our basic collection. Every season a matching collection is added which is temporarily available. The wool used comes from the herds in the area. That's good for the local farmers and the environment.

embroidery studio Senhora Zelia


The technique of embroidery, by hand or machine, a strong sense of color combinations and a personal opinion. The ideal combination to work together. Ideas are shared, color samples are reviewed and the material determines the selected embroidery technique. Even though it sometimes seems a challenge Senhora Fada always has to add our monogram neatly and discreetly. Each item is unique, made with care and deserves our 'stamp'



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