All prices are quoted in euros including VAT and excluding shipping costs. Atelier Vale Flores is based in Portugal and therefore uses the 23% VAT rate
Shipping costs
a fee for shipping will be charged for shipping the goods. Shipping costs are in the order for payment mentioned if applicable.
A limited summary
€ 7,50 shipping costs: Germany - The Netherlands  - France - Belgium - Austria  - Luxembourg  - United Kingdom  - 
€ 12,50 shipping costs: Denmark  - Italy - Poland - Czech Republic - Zwitserland - Norway - Sweden
€ 25 shipping costs: U.S.A - Canada
€ 35 shipping costs: Australia - New Zealand - South Africa
Countries not mentioned, by ordering the shipment costs will be presented prior to your payment.
After ordering you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the order summary and the total cost, including shipping.
Each order will be delivered after payment. Atelier Vale Flores uses the payment module Mollie. A secure payment method that you can choose from several payment options inclusing credit card options.
Upon receipt of the payment order is offered for delivery within 24 hours. Orders within Europe, you can expect within 3-5 days.
If a product is temporarily out of stock than you will be notified immediately by email.
The product should be delivered within 30 days after order placement. If not delivered within this period, you can cancel the purchase immediately. This does not apply if the parties have agreed another delivery.
Atelier Vale Flores is not liable for exceeding the delivery time or any loss or damage caused by shipping. If the packaging is damaged upon delivery please contact Atelier Vale Flores.
Return or exchange
With great care we have developed and assembled the product range. If your purchase does not  suits to your expectations, you can return the item within 2 weeks after purchase. Please inform us about returning your purchase by sending an e-mail to atelier@valeflores including the code of your order. Returning orders should be packed in their original packaging (as good as possible), undamaged and with sufficient postage.
The product range of Atelier Vale Flores is designed and assembled with the our and our suppliers greatest care and attention. Atelier Vale Flores, however, can not be held liable for any damages, whether physical, material or immaterial, which would be the result of misuse or malfunction. The range consists mainly of products made of natural materials with the corresponding features. The conditions based on the agreement of the purchase are expected in normal use. In the maintenance of the product please refer to the user tips on this website (maintenance and washing instructions).
All information on the website of Atelier Vale Flores is carefully composed. It is not excluded that certain information proves incorrect or incomplete. Atelier Vale Flores will and can not be held reliable
In case of a complaint about the deliverd product by  Atelier Vale Flores, they reserve the right to suspend the execution of an order, or to dissolve the agreement without judicial intervention by informing you in writing without Atelier Vale Flores is obliged to pay compensation unless this circumstances to standards of reasonableness and fairness.
Atelier Vale Flores is committed to the privacy of its customers. The personal data required to place an order, will only be used for orders at Atelier Vale Flores. The information provided shall be provided in any manner to third parties.


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