Lifetime Joy

We love the use of natural materials, we make the most beautiful things for Lifetime Joy. From woollen blankets and throws to rugs made of cotton. A small collection of leather and, as we call them, our stuffed Elephants from the cutting room floor. A big soft friend for our little ones. Our designs are perpetual, therefor we aim a 'Lifetime Joy' guarantee. Our collection blankets and throws vary from a colourful collection, each piece is an eyecatcher in your home to a more natural line made of pure undyed wool. Each collection has a limited number that makes them special and unique.

We love the craftsmanship of the makers and our aim is to give this craftsmanship a future.

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Atelier Vale Flores
Quinta do Santuario - Vale Flores
2000-346 Achete - Santarem

PT: +351 93 8886777  NL: +31 6 26352864

email: atelier@valeflores.com

BTW-nummer: PT266193757
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